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Basic Tune-Up $29.99
Brake and shift systems adjusted, Tires inflated, Chain cleaned and lubed, Safety Inspection.
Major Tune-Up  $69.99
Frame and fork wiped clean and inspected. Tires, cables, housing, grips, bearings, pivots, braking and shift systems inspected and adjusted. Wheels wiped clean and trued. Chain wiped clean and re-lubed.
Deluxe Tune-Up  $129.99
Sickler's "Major Tune-Up" plus drive train removed (chains, cassette, front rings) and cleaned. All bearings and pivots cleaned and adjusted.
Flat Repair  $10.00
Price is per wheel. Cost of tube and rim strip (if needed) is not included.
True Wheel  $20.00 or $35.00 with spoke replacement.
Cost is per wheel. Spokes and nipples are additional.
Hub, Bottom Bracket or Headset Rebuild  $25.00
Taken apart, cleaned and repacked with grease. Price is per item.
Hydraulic Brake Bleeding  $15.00 - 40.00
Labor and fluid included in price. Any other parts such as pads or caliper parts are not included.
Custom Wheel Building  Call for pricing!
Basic Shift or Brake Adjustment  $10.00
Price is to tune individual brake or derailleur. Additional prices may apply.
Bicycle Packaging  $75.00
Package bicycle for shipping purposes. Done professionally to insure your bike stays safe. Includes the cost of all packing materials. UPS shipping available seperately.
Miscellaneous Repairs  $60.00 per hour
Any repair or troubleshooting not listed above.

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